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Write! Power up your fiction.

If you’ve succeeded in completing a few short stories or a novel, you know there’s so much more to “writing skills” than grammar and story arcs. You need to add determination, empathy, and psychology to the list. Without empathy, inspiration is limited to our own experiences. Understanding psychology helps to tie your character’s behavior to the plot. And determination is the only way to make it to the last page of your story.

Before you let the size of your writing aspirations intimidate you, remember that every book is written the same way. It’s not just hard for you, it’s hard for every writer.

How do you percolate ideas?

Is procrastination good for you?

Can sleight-of-hand work in fiction?

Does your About page hook fans?

4 Writing videos to power up your creativity, inspiration, and hook readers.

Steven King – Creative Writing Tips (7:35)

Hear why you shouldn’t keep a journal of story ideas.

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Art of Misdirection – Apollo Robbins (8:43)

“If you could control someone’s attention, what would you do with it?” Likely your characters would take over the world, or at least the next six hours of a reader’s night.

The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers – Adam Grant (15:24)

“Doubt the default and look for a better option.” How can you use the right amount of procrastination to come up with better ideas?

Pat Flynn – Your About Page (10:52)

What exactly should your About page be about? Entrepreneur, Pat Flynn shows you how to hook readers and keep them coming back to your website.


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