Fill in the blank.

What would you put in the blank and can you learn it in five steps?

As a reader, don’t mistake tips for actual knowledge. But as a writer, try using list articles as a gateway to draw readers to your cornerstone content.

5 Easy Steps

If you came here to learn how to do something in five steps, here you go.

How to provide value to blog readers in 5 easy steps.

  1. Write posts about what your readers want to know – not what you feel like writing.
  2. Grammar, punctuation, and clear writing matters to your readers. Master the skills, hire a copyeditor or invest in grammar checker tools.
  3. Lay out your post copy and images in a way that makes it easy to read on any device. Go for a “magazine page” feel rather than blocks of text.
  4. Ask yourself, “Who needs to know this?” That’s your audience. Write to them, not a generic persona.
  5. Don’t assume your reader has the same experience or skill level as you. Make your ideas stand out, not a misused piece of jargon.

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