distracted squirrel

distracted squirrelThe Internet is a wonderful and dangerous thing for writers. It hands you all the research you could ever want as well as a thousand distractions. Hopefully, these sites will give you more of what you need…. whatever it is you need at the moment.


 Online Hemingway AppApps

  • My Writing Spot provides a simple, uncluttered writing workspace online that syncs with a mobile app for iPad ($2.99).
  • Hemingway App – Copy & paste your writing for tips on how to make it better. (Not your average grammar checker) You can either buy the full app for $6.99 or use the free online sampler for short text.

 Marketing & The Business of Writing

  • Ask A Literary Agent – Advice from literary pro & author Noah Lukeman.
  • My Copy Blogger – Tips for writing marketing and promotional copy, SEO, and more. Membership is free.


  • Did You Knows – Odd facts about everything, such as “Did you know 8% of people have an extra rib?” and “Did you know March 14 is Save A Spider Day?”.
  • Life Hacker – We all need those, and these tips cover tons of topics like charging your cell phone on the road, and how to fold shirts faster. Warning: You may lose several hours on this site.
  • Think Geek – For our inner nerd.

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