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Left Brain Exercise: eBook Formatting

Digital Book World recently held a webinar roundtable about ebook formatting. The information shared was presented in a ready to implement manner, laying out what readers want and expect from ebooks and how to enhance their experience. (Remember, it’s all about the reader:) If you’re not familiar with this group, you should spend some time on their website. It’s crammed with industry trends and information for authors and publishers.

There are multiple approaches to formatting your novel for digital publishing, but its the reader you should keep in mind when laying out your cover, acknowledgments and the body of your novel. A straight translation from your print version to digital simply won’t make the cut. Formatting is a necessary, left-brained task.

A few weeks ago, Cameron Chapman wrote this great post on how to create the various ebook formats using Sigil and Calibre.

I’ve formatted by hand in MS Word, but I’m planning to give these programs a try with WIRED. I plan to add links to various Art Crime sites for readers interested in learning more, as well as giving some background on the artworks mentioned in the novel.

The Indie Book Collective offers monthly author webinars, including ebook formatting with live demonstrations. Learn more on their website, along with other useful tips on Indie publishing, or subscribe to their blog which updates often with insider tips and author advice.

If you know any links to other formatting tutorials or sites, send them this way. I’ll post and share.

Have a good week!

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