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Celebrate…then it’s AIS time.

I love to write. I love thinking about writing even more. It’s a curse that plagues all writers. It’s easy to daydream about sold out book signings and interviews on David Letterman. It is hard to write. It is even harder to write well.

Years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Sue Grafton as she zig-zagged the U.S. on a book tour. Her writing style is worth study. I don’t see her thoughts or commentary in the story, just Kinsey Millhone as she unravels the mystery and sometimes her own life through the pages. When it was my turn in line, this is what I said: “I admire your work. I’m a writer and I know it’s hard to write novels that are as easy to read as breathing.” She smiled and I could see I had just paid her the compliment she wanted to hear. Not that I loved her books, which I do, but rather I loved her writing skill. She stopped signing for a moment and asked about my writing with genuine interest. At that moment my hobby and writing dreams took on a new shape and grew into two more novels, a website and the willingness to step outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve just added a new layer to my writing portfolio over at I’ve begun a series of articles on being Indie, sharing the steps I’m taking to build a career with words.

It’s been less than a year since I uploaded Perfect Copy to Smashwords and hobbled together my first WordPress post. Now is it actually selling to complete strangers. Woot! It is also the #2 Best Seller in Thriller/Suspense on Smashwords and has been as high as #23 in overall Fiction out of nearly 38,000 titles.

Perfect Copy #2 Thriller/Suspense | Smashwords

Now it’s time to be AIS….@ss in seat and get busy. I have WIRED to finish editing and Anatomy of a Lie needs a “killer” last chapter and both need cover art.

The lesson learned this week is to celebrate 5 minutes at a time, then get back to writing. I’m a big believer in persistence and perseverance. Being Indie means I have control over my success and that is worth every minute at the keyboard.

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