writing-appsWelcome to Spring.

We typically make this our time to start new habits and clean out old clutter, but really why limit ourselves to one season a year to improve things? I’m thinking it’s the perfect time to get organized and put all the writing, book marketing, and social media, and writing-life hacks I have to good use.

Let’s started with those social media accounts.

Install your social media network apps on your tablet or mobile phone. There’s no need to be tied to a computer when you can take monitoring and marketing with you. Stuck in a line at the DMV? Put that discovered time to good use by replying to fans or posting articles relevant to your writing project.

  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, GoodReads, Pinterest, etc.

    social mobile screen

Install 3rd party apps that make the work easier. Why post in real-time when you can copy edit the perfect post with a stunning image and schedule it for when followers and fans will see it. Try out the apps below and see if they fit your work style.

  • Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc. for scheduling content
  • Canva, WordSwag, Layout, Camera Awesome for making killer images to share
  • Repost or R&R for reposting on Instagram

If you find you’re using these a lot, it’s worth paying a few dollars to get the ad-free versions. It makes the user experience much friendlier and gives valuable options not available at the freemium level.

Get Creative With Twitter Content To Increase Engagement

Text-only posts are fine, but there’s a hierarchy if you want people to notice.

1 Least effective > 5 Most Effective

  1. Text
  2. Text + Link
  3. Text + Link + Image
  4. Text + Link + Video (native format)
  5. Actually ties with #4… Native promo card

I have access to professional editing tools, but for a quick video with a few title cards (aka words on the screen) iMovie works just fine.

Browser PlugIns

I use Chrome for most of my online, but if you go to the app store for your preferred browser, you’ll be sure to find what you need.  Plugins are tiny programs designed to work within larger programs. Chrome plugins add a small icon in the top right corner of your web browser and are activated with just a click.


Hootsuite – Click to create social posts from your browser window. The app allows you to send the post to any account you have connected to Hootsuite.

Pocket – If you don’t have time to read the site or online article, Pocket will save it and sync to Pocket on your mobile app. Great way to take your reading list on the road.

Klout – This plugin app allows social posting via your Klout login, but it does something else that’s really cool. Once installed, it places Klout scores on your Twitter feed. Think of Klout scores as showing who has the larger “share of the conversation” on social. Since it’s an aggregate of social network activity – you get to know who carries clout on various topics. Click the Klout icon next to a user’s profile picture on Twitter and Klout will tell you where their expertise shines.

Let me know if you have any plugins or apps for keeping writing, book promotion and life manageable. There are new ones popping up daily and I love learning new things.




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