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Moving In The Write Direction

FWP - from blog to pro websiteFirst I want to thank everyone who has supported my blog over the past seven years. You’ve been kind in your comments, emails, and showing up to read my semi-regular posts.

If you’ve received a random email from the blog in the past few days, that’s a bit of the dust I’m clearing out. It seems, transforming a blog into a professional website is more work than changing the WordPress theme and updating the name in the header. Sometimes moving content has unforeseen consequences, like still being linked to social media accounts or image links breaking. I’ll be sweeping out the cobwebs for a while.

This site renovation is something I’ve thought about for almost a year, and now is the right time to refocus and relaunch.

How Is Fiction Writer Pro Different?

While there are thousands of websites dedicated to helping writers, what I’ve found lacking are the how to type articles that give you steps you can immediately use to improve your writing, professionally self-publish your novel, and take it to market effectively. That’s the motivation behind this renovation.

I’ve spent my career producing TV commercials, corporate branding messages, fundraising videos for nonprofits, and worked with dozens of brands. Now it’s time to apply that experience to something new.

Creating an online magazine for writers, with articles that teach, guide, and demystify the publishing process is my vision for Fiction Writer Pro. The content will be less personal musings unless that’s what the topic calls for, and take more of journalistic tone.

I’m not about to profess to have all the answers, but I will work to find those who do and share their advice. There will also be room for guest posts and expert interviews.

From Blog to Pro Website

Over the next few weeks, content will be updated and moved into four categories:


Articles will also be tagged to help you find specific topics within the categories.

Watch for regular posts and new ways to engage with the site and each other. What I hope to build is a community that asks questions and is willing to fail quickly, as that’s the best way to make progress and get to what works.

If you’re interested in the process I’m using to convert this site from a personal blog to a professional writing resource, follow the Site Renovation tag. I’ll post updates outlining the process, tools, strategy, and how much each of these cost in time and money.

Rebranding & Redirecting

Google fiction writingGoogle Search: Fiction Writing - from blog to pro website

Take a look at the number of search results. 5,650,000 Other sites are trying to answer the search query. The top search results include Writer’s Digest, The New Yorker, The Balance, and iUniverse.

Now back to that search volume – 2,900 per month. 98% Of those queries will click through to the sites on page one of the search results. The site sitting at number one will take, on average, 36% of that.

The point I’m making is this is a crowded space to get a new website noticed. Getting noticed doesn’t come without hard work and a lot of research. But there’s a lot of value in knowing the competition. My research dug into related searches, the metadata of the competing sites, and an evaluation of how well they did in answering the question’s intent. The searcher isn’t looking for fiction writing. They’re looking for information that shows, teaches, or gives them information about fiction writing.

The job of this site is to do a better job of answering your questions.

So What Does it Cost?

So far I’m 4 days in, I’ve broken the site only once twice three times (but fixed it) and have spent $240.87.

$204.00    WordPress Business Plan + 1 Year of Hosting + Domain Privacy

$23.87 Domain Purchase from Bluehost

$13.00      URL mapping

I also purchased a Pro WordPress theme which did not work and crashed the site. I’m still working to get the $39.99 refunded from the developer. Learn from my mistake and look at 3rd party review sites before buying a theme. I later found reviewers who experienced the same issues I had. I could have saved myself an afternoon and the hassle of pursuing a refund. I’m now using one of the premium themes that comes included in the Business Plan upgrade. The theme offers flexible customizations and should be able to grow with the site.

Now it’s time to dig in and fix broken image links and write new articles. To learn more about what Fiction Writer Pro will offer, visit our About page.

I’m dropping in a contact form below. Please let me know what you need from this site. What questions do you have? What do you want to learn? Your recommendations will guide content for FWP and our growing community.

Thanks for reading,

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