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A Prize Every Time

Today I am guest blogging with Kat Lively on one of my favorite topics: Rush.

Neil Peart has a new book out titled Far and Away; A Prize Every Time. It is part travelogue, part personal memoir and part motorcycle adventure, with philosophical insights to pull it all together.

This will be a hit with Rush fans, but also for anyone who has traveled a long road filled with obstacles, fear, exhilaration and satisfaction.

Thanks Kat, for letting me hang out!

If you haven’t had a chance to read Kat’s Dead Barchetta, by all means download or order a copy today. She is the mistress of Mysteries that Rock.

One thought on “A Prize Every Time

  1. Thank you for sharing today – I always love hearing about something new (to me). BTW I did hop over and get Dead Barchetta and look forward to reading it.

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