FocusWriter Video Review

FocusWriter is a word processor with writing-specific features. This video gives an overview of starting a writing project and how to set the preferences to fit your workflow.

Program Features

  • Writing Timer
  • Daily Goals (Time/Words)
  • Tracks Words, Pages, Paragraphs, and Characters
  • Organize projects by project name (folder) and scene (file)


This program is ideal for long-form fiction or non-fiction but is easy enough to adapt to any writing project. As a free download, you can’t beat the price-point and it has enough power to manage most writing projects.

There are a few features FocusWriter could add to help with book-length projects.

  • Being able to compile multiple sessions into a single file would make a full project export painless.
  • Writers often need access to reference files, such as a character descriptions or plot outlines.¬†Adding the ability to have multiple session windows open would allow visibilty to everything you need on the same project platform.


  • Price: Free (Tips accepted)
  • Works with: MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Good for: Book-Length Fiction and Non-Fiction, Blogs, Articles
  • Download FocusWriter

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